There are Options Out there!

To all of you “Out There” That have a 600 or Borderline 600 credit score and thought you could not buy a Home , We Say Listen Up! To all of you “Out There” That have been turned down on a Mortgage, There is Hope. Lets talk about a new Program that a very Knowledgeable lender we know is rolling out. No obligation for you to use this Lender or this program, However there are TONS of Folks taking advantage of this AWESOME program and extremely low interest Rates. So here is the Skinny of it: 100% Financing on anything 120k and below, Fixed Rate for 30 yrs, Credit down to a whopping 600 ( Some folks are getting in on rates as low as 3% fixed for 30 years !! as of last week) On anything above 120K this Particular bank will give you 4,000 Dollars towards your Down payment in the form of a Grant! THIS PRODUCT IS HUGE AND WILL NOT BE AROUND FOREVER. This program is to Help mid to low income folks (Around 55K or below) and is an absolute Homerun for anyone looking to purchase in the next few weeks. How Might I take Advantage of this you ask? Well thats Easy! Contact Your  TeamMasseyProperties Real Estate Specialist to learn all of the Details and to get the ball Rolling! Invest in your Future! Stop paying your landlord and Enjoy a New Home for the Holidays! Call 205-685-1110 – or Email Today

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